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210 McLeod Avenue, Spruce Grove, AB, T7X 2K5, CA

Phone: (780) 571-0321

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Wine, Cider, and Beer Supply and Accessories shop with Ferment On Premise services on site.
We provide commercial grade equipment so Wine, Seltzer, Cider, and Beer making is easy!

Why make wine? Its fun, easy and cost effective! Whether you are an avid home brewer or new to wine making - we have you covered. Brew at home or in our facility. We provide commercial grade equipment so Wine, Cider, and Beer making is easy! You simply put your batch on, and come back to bottle it when it’s ready | We take care of everything in between.

Select Your Variety
We are dedicated to carrying quality products with many selections, for all wine lovers alike.

Start Your Wine
After selecting your wine variety we will assist you with starting your wine, you simply pitch the yeast and you’re done.

Bottle and Share
After 4-8 weeks, once your wine is ready, we will contact you to book your bottling appointment. Bring some friends to come down for your bottling party, where we have all the equipment you need to bottle in approximately 30 minutes. We offer custom labels and a variety of shrink caps to personalize your bottles.

Two sisters with a dream... and a passion for wine!
We saw a gap in the market for the newly legislated fop service and wanted to bring the experience of wine making to our community! Growing up on an acreage, we experienced young the quality of home made! Every Sunday we enjoyed the aroma of fresh bread and homemade soup. We had a stocked garden, raised our own beef, supported local neighbors for what we didn't have - like eggs! This became a foundation for us as we carried into adulthood and passed on to our families. We still value supporting local and collaborating with other small businesses. We are complete opposites which makes for a great team! We have always been close and are looking forward to establishing in Spruce Grove, where we have called home for the past two decades. We both really appreciate the support from our family and the community. The relationships we have made with our customers are the most satisfying part of this journey so far!


Love this place! Robin and Tera know their wine and will guide you through the process of making your own. Start to finish they take care of everything and you get to go home with a great product every time!

— Ben K.

We made wine for the first time ever today .a merlow and a chardonney .this was super easy .

— Dirk K.

Hard seltzer's are amazing. The owners are so friendly and helpful.

— Carm H.

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