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Why Holistic Nutrition?
Holistic Nutrition Professionals identify symptoms that may indicate health imbalances and provide a plan to return the body to a state of equilibrium.

Specializing in:
-Nutritional Consultation
-Educational Seminars
-Meal Planning
-Weight Loss
-Online Fitness Classes
-Fitness Training Program

Have Allergies?
Holistic Nutrition Professionals are trained to recognize food sensitivities & allergies.

Feeling Gross?
Holistic Nutrition can help ease digestive disturbances.

Stressed Out?
Holistic Nutrition Professionals are trained to assess and manage stress through nutritional support & lifestyle changes.

Got Pain?
Holistic Nutrition Professionals are trained to recognize multiple causes of inflammation.

15 minutes, By phone, Online/Video chat
Book a 15 minute discovery call to see how holistic nutrition can help you.


I have nothing but the best words to describe Tonya's knowledge of health, exercise, and food to improve your life. Her advice and guidance will help you look and feel better.

— Caroline F.

Tonya is a personal trainer who can help you with everything from meal planning to a personalized workout routine.

— Donna S.

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