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107, 4600 48 Street, Stony Plain, AB, T7Z 1L4, CA

Phone: (780) 951-9549

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Parkland County's first ever escape room experience! Parkland County’s only escape room operator. Put your problem-solving skills to the test and try our escape room scenarios. Perfect for families, friends, co-workers, teams and any other groups.

How it works:

Find the Clues...
Each scenario begins with a search for clues, hints, and hidden objects to understand your environment and unlock the mystery.

Time is Fleeting...
Once the timer begins, you've got a limited time to figure it out and beat the clock. Successfully completing the scenario in the allotted time is a win...anything else is an L.

Feel the Pressure...
Our rooms are built to feel like a genuine challenge. We strive to find the balance between fun and frantic, successful and stressful. All our rooms are original designs made with love.

How to play:

Who Should Play?
Our games are perfect for anyone that loves to have fun. There are no special skills needed to have a great time, but a natural curiosity and love of puzzles of all kinds is a great foundation, whether you are with friends, family, co-workers, or anyone else.

Team Events
Teams of all kinds will enjoy the cooperative and competitive aspects of the game. Group success and failure unites co-workers, family and other groups. We can create custom experiences for large team functions, including customized puzzles, leaderboard, and other group activities.

Special Events
Each room is a unique experience from any other escape room operator or scenario. To make the experience even more special for celebrating birthdays, milestones or occasions, contact us in advance to arrange customized experiences. info@hourglassgames.ca


We rocked it! Had a group of 5 VERY SMART people and had so much fun! The puzzles were hard and by beating the clock we felt very smart...lol. Can't wait for the next room to be ready! Thank you for a great evening.

— Pauline C.

We visited hourglass games this weekend for two games. Was a great experience and all the staff were extremely friendly and helpful. It was my first time going to an escape room and it went awesome! I would highly recommend you check it out!

— Jen P.

It was an absolutely fantastic experience from start to finish at Hourglass Games! Our group has done our fair share of escape rooms, and the room fully lived up to our expectations. The rating of the room is appropriate at 3/5, and while it was on the easier side the puzzles were clever and solving them achieved a real sense of accomplishment. The overall atmosphere was good, and fit the theme of the room well. The price point seems right on the money and a good deal for the quality of the escape. The owners of the business greeted us when we came in and were really friendly. We chatted with them before and after, and they were very professional and down-to-earth. I'd fully recommend Hourglass to experienced escapees and newbies alike. It's so cool that we have a local place to head to now for such a great time.

— Jeff M.

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